Over the past twenty years, we have advised hundreds of companies and trained thousands of B2B professionals on how to design, maintain, and innovate high-value relationships.

Individuals and small teams can learn the Valuecreator method best in the inspiring setting of one of our open programs, delivered by our Valuecreator Academy.

Larger companies often test our services first in a tailor-made in-house program before proceeding with a broader action-learning approach specifically designed for their needs.


Typically, our clients choose our in-house services to achieve strategic objectives or kick-start a transformational initiative. By applying the Triple Fit method, they do not only aim to create a higher financial performance for the involved parties (like sales, procurement, innovation, or management) but also want to cross-check their overall strategy and achieve breakthrough results.

Combined with senior management reviews, our in-house services offer a cost-effective way to identify new sources of profitable growth and establish a strategic dialogue with senior leaders internally. Additionally, our services prepare your teams for a strategic conversation with external counterparts on how to shape the future together.

Before we accept a mandate, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your business objectives and then propose a range of realistic options corresponding to your budget. Depending on the geographical scope and timeline of the engagement, we will either act as external advisors or trainers or agree with you on a combined internal trainer and external advisor and coaching approach.

All of our consultants, trainers, and coaches had successful careers in global companies before joining Valuecreator. Since more than 80 percent of our business comes from repeat clients, we are confident that you will also find great value in our services. We would also be happy to provide specific references upon your request.

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops are an effective and efficient way to take a deep dive into one (or several) key customer or supplier relationships. Facilitated at a location of your choice, we help you develop an in-depth understanding of current and future value drivers and create a one-page business roadmap with concrete actions for maximum impact. The typical duration of a Discovery Workshop is 1-2 days.

Value Booster Programs

Value Booster Programs are a proven method to transform a portfolio of B2B relationships from good to great. Over 10-12 weeks, we provide you with a series of (virtual) meetings and sprints, coupled with practical application in the field and remote coaching by our industry experts. At the end of a Value Booster Program, the results are typically presented to senior management or shared during a global meeting.

Future Winners Initiatives

Future Winners Initiatives provide organizations with the opportunity to transform the way they collaborate with key customers or suppliers. Building on several Value Booster Program cycles, we help you accelerating performance in B2B relationships for 6-18 months. In many cases, the results of a Future Winners Initiative will also enable you to cross-check corporate strategy.

Building High-Value B2B Relationships
2-Day Masterclass for Sales & Procurement Professionals
This program will help you develop high-value B2B relationships and achieving relationship breakthroughs instead of breakdowns. Discover the Triple Fit Strategy Canvas in live-sessions together with peers from all over the world and apply it to a B2B relationship of your choice.

Why you should attend:

Strong and resilient business-to-business (B2B) relationships are a core asset for any company. But today’s hyper-competitive world creates a myriad of obstacles, leading to dysfunctional relationships and millions of dollars of damage. This program will help you to develop high-value business relationships and achieve relationship breakthroughs instead of breakdowns.

What you will get:

The Triple Fit Strategy Canvas is a hands-on, proven tool that helps organizations to design, maintain, and innovate high-value B2B relationships in a fast and easy way. The Triple Fit Canvas has been developed by Prof. Christoph Senn during his time as a sales leader, researcher, and consultant. Sales and procurement teams across the world use the Triple Fit Canvas as a 1-page business strategy roadmap. During the Masterclass, participants will develop and test a game-changer plan for a relationship of their choice.

Who should attend:

Participants should have a sales, procurement, or related business leadership/owner role in the context of B2B relationships. We welcome participants from all industries at any level of experience with our methodology, from large to small-size companies. The program will be facilitated by Prof. Senn and his team.

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are currently no physical sessions scheduled. As an alternative, we offer company-specific Virtual Masterclasses.

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Creating Future-Proof B2B Relationships
3-day Trainer Program for Sales & Procurement Professionals
This program will help you to take your B2B relationship portfolio to the next level. The Triple Fit Trainer Program is a 3-day intense workshop where you will learn how to teach the Triple Fit methodology and then apply it as a trainer in your own team or company.

Why you should attend:

Do you coach B2B sales or procurement teams in large organizations to establish a real strategic dialogue with their counterparts? Do you need to create a future-proof portfolio of strategic business relationships in your company? Do you want to learn how to drive profitable growth by implementing collaborative customer-supplier relationships?

If so, this three-day Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer program is a unique chance to gain the knowledge and expertise to become a stellar in-house Triple Fit Coach!

What you will get:

At the end of this program, you have

– Acquired the Triple Fit Method directly from the inventor
– Learned how to teach the Triple Fit Process in your company
– Examined and benchmarked against key industry examples
– Created a showcase for your own organization
– Trained and adjusted your Triple Fit facilitator skills
– Developed and shaped your Triple Fit coaching approach
– Shared your challenges and received advice from the experts
– Discussed and tested your Triple Fit implementation plan

Who should attend:

Sales & procurement team leaders and business development professionals from large organizations. Anyone who coaches B2B teams in large organizations to create value for and with customers and suppliers.
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Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are currently no physical sessions scheduled. As an alternative, we offer company-specific Virtual Trainer Programs.

Accelerating Performance in B2B Relationships
9-day Certification Program
The mission of this program at a glance: Transforming B2B account managers to ”Customer General Managers” by building capabilities to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges via on-the-job training and personal coaching over a period of six months.

Why you should attend:

Today’s B2B customers don’t just buy products and services. They buy value and experience based on expectations. What B2B clients want is the commitment of and access to the supplier’s total operations. Our research has shown that a company’s ability to deliver on these expectations is mainly dependent upon the quality of the customer-facing employees who manage those relationships. This program trains B2B account managers in mastering the increasingly complex role of the strategic and global key account manager. 

What you will get:

  1. Full understanding of the network perspective required at the B2B customer-supplier interface
  2. New skills to orchestrate multi-level B2B relationships and winning share-of-mind & wallet
  3. Tools to manage key B2B customers and ensure their competitiveness across the whole value chain
  4. Fresh insights into customer strategies & business drivers, translated into mutually agreed action plans
  5. Leadership strategies for B2B teams while fostering customer-centric behavior across both organizations
  6. Individual coaching over six months from seasoned B2B practitioners
  7. Real-life value creation project as a blueprint for future value creation initiatives

Important note:

This program is the world’s only B2B certification program that fully pays for itself. The Value Creation Project is a unique and critical component of the program that delivers tangible results. It constitutes in-depth, highly practical project work conducted on an individual basis by each participant under the guidance of faculty and the student’s own management team. The documented return on investment ranges from CHF 1m to 100m achieved 12 months after program completion (Source: 300+ Value Creation Project cases, 2019).

Who should attend:

– Strategic Account Managers
– International Key Account Managers
– Global Key Account Managers
– Client Lead Directors / Partners
– Senior Relationship Managers / Executives
– Sales and Commercial Directors
– Global Business Development Managers
– Customer Success Managers

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GCP/ACP Brochure 2021

Module 1: March 9-11, 2021; Module 2: March 15-17, 2021; Module 3: September 14-16, 2021, Rorschach, Switzerland