Oct 10-12, 2023

Triple Fit Virtual Masterclass

The three half-day Virtual Masterclass program is a unique chance to develop and test a game-changer plan for a B2B relationship of your choice.

Strong and resilient business-to-business (B2B) relationships are a core asset for any company. But today’s uncertain world requires breakthrough ideas and winning strategies for sustainable growth in your most important B2B relationships.

Join the Masterclass to understand and apply the Triple Fit Canvas, a 1-page business strategy roadmap to identify common ground for continuous value creation via a structured, strategic dialogue between all involved parties of a B2B relationship.

The Triple Fit Canvas, a hands-on and proven framework that helps organizations to design, maintain, and innovate high-value business relationships in a fast and easy way, has created results for hundreds of sales leaders and has been recently published about in the Harvard Business Review, May-June 2022 edition.

It has been developed by INSEAD Prof. Christoph Senn during his time as a sales leader, research and consultant, and validated in projects with more than 500 companies around the globe.

The Triple Fit Canvas is now available in a state-of-the-art digital version. It takes a 360-degree perspective on business relationships and extends the product-centric to the customer-centric perspective.

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Strategic Business Relationships

This Masterclass includes 1-on-1 time with Prof. Dr. Christoph Senn, the inventor of the Triple Fit methodology.

The complete Masterclass Agenda is:

Day 1: Introduction to the Methodology
☑️ Understand the Triple Fit Canvas framework and process
☑️ Define the characteristics of Level-5 relationships
☑️ Conduct your first relationship maturity check

Day 2: Application to Your Own Case
☑️ Perform a deep-dive “Why-what-how?” analysis
☑️ Develop game-changer strategies for your case
☑️ Craft a compelling Triple Fit Canvas “story” for stakeholders

Day 3: Present the Findings
☑️ Pitch your case to executive sponsors
☑️ Position your case in the “Booster Zone” matrix
☑️ Validate findings together with stakeholders

Masterclass Format: Three half-day live virtual sessions from 14:00 to 18:00 CET daily.

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Participants should have a sales, procurement or related business development role, or are sales leaders and business owners in charge of one (or several) B2B relationships. We welcome participants from all industries at any level of experience, from large to small-size companies. Sales and Procurement teams will benefit from the cross-case learning and create a common language and momentum.

Dates: Oct 10-12, 2023
Fee: EUR 2.400 excl. applicable VAT
Includes: Attendance of all three virtual sessions, training materials, 1-year license for Digital Triple Fit Canvas Professional Edition (EUR 500 value), e-Certificate
Mode: Virtual over Zoom

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