September 12-14, 2023 in Arbon, Switzerland

Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer

The three-day Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer program is a unique chance to gain the knowledge and expertise to become a stellar in-house Triple Fit Coach.

You will be able to coach B2B sales or procurement teams in large organizations to establish a true strategic dialogue with their counterparts, create a future-proof portfolio of strategic business relationships in your company and learn how to drive profitable growth by implementing collaborative customer-supplier relationships.

This program includes:
☑️ 1-on-1 time with Prof. Christoph Senn, the inventor of the Triple Fit
☑️ Speakers from different industries
☑️ Value creation clinics to develop solutions to your challenges
☑️ Access to our teaching tips & tricks and best practice collection
☑️ In-depth case study work to train your facilitation skills
☑️ Workshop and program outlines, how to manage different setups
☑️ Tools including a 1-year Digital Triple Fit Canvas tool subscription
☑️ Optional coaching support to ensure successful implementation

The Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer Program is a deep-dive into the Triple Fit Canvas methodology, which has created results for hundreds of sales leaders and has been recently published about in the Harvard Business Review (May-June 2022 edition).

The Triple Fit Canvas, which is now available in a state-of-the-art digital version, is a hands-on and proven framework that helps organizations to design, maintain, and innovate high-value business relationships in a fast and easy way. It takes a 360-degree perspective on business relationships and extends the product-centric to the customer-centric perspective.

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Master the Process to Accelerate

Sales Growth

During the Triple Fit Trainer Program, participants will learn how to teach the Triple Fit Process and also develop tailored strategies to build a portfolio of future-proof business relationships.

At the end of this program, you will have:
☑️ Acquired the Triple Fit Method directly from the inventor
☑️ Learned how to teach the Triple Fit Process in your company
☑️ Examined and benchmarked against key industry examples
☑️ Created a showcase for your own organization
☑️ Trained and adjusted your Triple Fit facilitator skills
☑️ Developed and shaped your Triple Fit coaching approach
☑️ Shared your challenges and received advice from the experts
☑️ Discussed and tested your Triple Fit implementation plan

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We welcome sales & procurement professionals and business development leaders from large organizations or anyone who coaches B2B teams in large organizations to create value for and with customers and suppliers.

Dates: September 12-14, 2023
Fee: EUR 7.500 excl. applicable VAT
Includes: 3-days ticket, training materials, food & beverage, 1-year subscription access or renewal for the DTFC Executive version worth €3'500, free Value Creation Summit 2023 ticket
Does not include: Travel and hotel
Location: Presswerk event hall Arbon, Switzerland (15 min. from St.Gallen)

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Meet us in the historic city of Arbon

Presswerk Hall, Arbon

The Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer Program takes place in the historic town of Arbon in Switzerland, located right on the southern shores of Lake Constance between Constance and Bregenz and just 10 km away from St. Gallen.

It takes place at Presswerk Event Hall, a historic brick building in an industrial style, spacious halls flooded with light with high ceilings and modern equipment: the original Saurer factory plant characterized by industrial flair and urban allure.

The venue can be reached in 4 hours from Frankfurt, Geneva and Milan, 2.5 hours from Stuttgart and Munich, 1 hour from Zurich, 15 min. from St.Gallen.

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Value Creation Summit 2023

All Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer participants will also get free entry access to the Value Creation Summit on Friday, Sep 15, 2023.

This year, the summit will focus on the topic: 'The Future of B2B Selling: How to Unleash Growth Potential in the Next Normal'.

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