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Case Studies

How Konica Minolta assisted BMW Group in modernizing their printing infrastructure, focusing on sustainability and digitalization.

Using the Triple Fit Canvas by Valuecreator enabled value creation beyond products and services. It also earned Konica trusted advisor status and grew the business by factor 3.

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How BASF and 3M developed a lasting business relationship

Each year, Valuecreator honors outstanding Triple Fit cases with the annual Value Creation Award. When Alan Weinstein was Global Account Manager at BASF for 3M, he won the category “Customer Impact”. In the following article, we briefly describe the steps Alan took and how the Triple Fit Canvas helped him to achieve his goals.

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Schindler and CitizenM: Impressive Contribution to the Guest Experience 

Citizen M was identified among the top strategic accounts at Schindler as a part of the 30 “Future Winner” accounts, sponsored by Schindler’s senior management. A focused Triple Fit approach helped Schindler become a dedicated part of CitizenM’s growth plans and a true contributor to its customer’s success.

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Evonik and Cargill: Growing together sustainably

Cargill and Evonik have a long and strong relation as customers, suppliers and competitors of each other. However, it was through the Triple Fit Canvas that the first mutual perception of strategies was shared after Cargill already being 10 years under Global Account status for Evonik. The companies moved from the focus on individual products to new areas where both companies have much more to offer in expertise, solutions and innovation. 

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Stop Selling. Start Collaborating.

The secret to fostering lasting client relationships by Christoph Senn
HBR Magazine Mai-June 2022

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How CEOs Can Drive Sales — or Kill Deals

How top-management involvement in B2B relationships can drive—or kill—deals by 
Noel Capon and Christoph Senn

HBR Magazine March-April 2021

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Every year we honor the best and most successful projects in which the Triple Fit methodology was applied.
What is important here is the tangible added value created, how much the customer relationship has been improved and what results have been achieved.

The winners will be decided by a jury of industry experts and the awards will be presented at the annual Value Creation Summit in Arbon.

Hall Of Fame

We proudly present a list of past Value Creation Award winners. All of them have taken their business relationships to the next level with the Triple Fit methodology.  

Voice of the Award Winners 2023

This is what the Triple Fit Award Winners of 2023 say about the methodology and how it helped improving their customer relationships. 


Former award winners


By applying the Triple Fit methodology, Maersk identified $25 million of savings per day in the customer's value chain and created value for the customer and for Maersk by expanding its existing products and services to new innovative offerings.


Applying a Top-10 customer approach based on the Triple Fit Canvas helped to create the right focus on the 30 “Future Winner” accounts, which all received sponsorship by Schindler’s senior management. Summarising the efforts, Schindler’s CEO Thomas Oetterli concludes: “Our ambition was  always to focus on our customers and not only on products. But now, we are even better able to orchestrate all our activities for our target customer’s success at a profit.

Dr. Thomas 
Ecco Shoes

Dr. Thomas Gøgsig, a former GCP participant, created organisational impact for his firm ECCO Shoes, a leading Danish shoe manufacturer headquartered in Copenhagen, who reorganised their sales to be more customer-centric.

Dr. Theodor

Using his mandatory certification project as a kickstarter, Theo was able to convince stakeholders on both sides to sponsor a joint Value Creation Initiative. The purpose was to help Bayer generate new business based on DSM’s sciencebased insights beyond the existing portfolio perspective.

Dr. Matthias
Konica Minolta

Dr. Matthias Kiessling, Konica-Minolta created customer impact for a global automotive client expanding the business from Europe to 46 countries with a focus on long-term innovation and collaboration strategy and operational excellence.

Tetra Pak

Niels analyzed the current state of account management from an insideout as well as an outside-in perspective. Building on these insights, he then conceptualized the building blocks of the new international customer program and implemented his roadmap step by step. Already after one year of implementation, business with international customers was getting back on track and outgrew the other two account groups (global and local) by factor 2 respectively factor 5.


Evonik applied the Triple Fit Canvas methodology toidentify new products and services, create strategic alignment and improve cost efficiencies for the customer, through Triple Fit Canvas workshops with decision makers at management level.

Godoy Lemos
Hillebrand Gori

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A.P. Moeller - Maersk

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Coca Cola

Through defining the characteristics of a new group level position, he was able get funding for 3 GKAMs, which has now grown to 6 GKAMs and created a long-lasting impact, covering almost 50% of the business.


Miroslav Milojkovic from Vodafone  defined a digital transformation plan for a strategic partnership with his customer using the Triple Fit Canvas. 


Her VCP focused on the turnaround of the business with a major aircraft manufacturer through careful evaluation of the fit between the two companies which led to the step-bystep building of a high-value relationship growing from €10 million to €200+ million.

von Borzyskowski

With Schindler's local expertise and ONE brand standard for all new citizenM hotels resulting in significant savings for the customer, it became the sole partner for citizenM in vertical transportation in the last three years.


Triple Fit Canvas allowed us to focus on the development of key strategies for business development by region globally.  It then enabled BASF to engage successfully with 3M’s diverse technology network that was instrumental in creating a sustainable project pipeline that will help rapidly bring new products to market and accelerate growth.”

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