Evonik and Cargill:
Growing together sustainably

The Situation

Cargill procurement was developing new supplier relations, looking for contacts for new services, processes, systems and tools. There was a need for multi-level cross functional focus on digital solutions and innovation. Furthermore, business heads needed to support as executive sponsors and provide all needed resources. 

The Challenge

Evonik was a transactional one product supplier to Cargill. Cargill procurement had just created a new role to investigate which suppliers could be of interest for new business development, and was intrigued by the Evonik proposal, which focused on Triple Fit as a means to create an open dialogue and resolve any issues and misconceptions. 

The Solution

This led to a Triple Fit workshop with decision makers at management level. The joint team work based on Triple Fit discussions resulted in multi-level, cross-functional collaboration between the two companies which helped identify new business opportunities for both by increasing the scope of relationship beyond amino acid focus and creating value by reducing inefficiencies. 

The Benefits

The companies were able to leverage each other’s strengths and competencies towards customers who nourish, care or raise animals, with the aspiration to work as one team. Strategy alignment revealed potential for resource sharing in research and service development and improvement of cost efficiency in operations. It led to opening new markets and increase in business resulting in + $40mn for Cargill and + $10mn for Evonik. 

Millions for Cargill
Millions for Evonik
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