Schindler and CitizenM:
Impressive Contribution to Guest Experience 

The Situation

CitizenM is a Netherlands-based hotel chain focuses on developing luxury hybrid hotels to provide luxury at affordable prices with hotels in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Glasgow, Paris, Copenhagen, Zurich, New York, Boston, Seattle, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Seattle, and Geneva. A focused approach required Schindler to shift from a maintenance contract to the local expert for vertical transportation for CitizenM, using the Triple Fit methol 

The Challenge

There were untapped opportunities for Schindler to take a forward-looking view on the future of elevators and tap into the digitalization opportunities Elevators would become an important part of the customer’s journey with interactive features available at a touchpoint through digital transformations in the elevator experience, such as the Schindler Doorshow with potential for new revenue streams.

The Solution

The Triple Fit with CitizenM helped identify not only the roadblocks but possible opportunities for Schindler to contribute to CitizenM’s guest experience, leading to focused investments such as in innovation and development of new processes and systems. A key contribution was creating value-driven solutions for CitizenM, which included the IoT / IoEE (Internet of Elevators and Escalators, seamless transit management, destination & access control, touchless customer journey, Digital Media Services as added revenue streams and using Schindler Traffic Vision to optimize number of elevators.

The Benefits

Through its local expertise and ONE brand standard for all new CitizenM hotels resulting in substantial savings for the customer, Schindler became the sole partner for CitizenM in vertical transportation in the last three years, resulting in impressive growth with the customer, including a 100% share of wallet for new hotels and significant additional revenue for Schindler.


Share of Wallet
Revenue Increase
Savings on Elevators Costs
Access to Elevator World

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