Advising & Benchmarking

Become your own consultant

Use the Triple Fit methodology and learn how to develop your own growth strategy. Advise yourself and make external consultants obsolete.

Triple Fit Health Check

Triple Fit Health Checks are a perfect opportunity to assess the status of a particular relationship from an expert point of view. With our proven health check diagnostic, we provide you first with a quick scan of the relationship. Second, we perform a deep-dive assessment of the value drivers from different stakeholder perspectives. And third, we come up with a set of game-changer recommendations ready for immediate implementation. If required, we will also facilitate follow-up discussions between core teams from both sides.

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Value Creation Workshops

Value Creation workshops extend the acquired Triple Fit method and tool knowledge and allow participants to take a deep dive into customer, supplier, or internal business relationships. The goal is to create mutually agreed business roadmaps for the future, thus serving as the basis of the next three-year strategy planning. The typical duration of a Value Creation workshop is 1-2 days.

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Value Creation Projects

A Value Creation Project is a business case to enable strategic change with your customers and identify new sources of value creation. The project serves to contribute to both your customers’ and your own company’s profitable growth and market competitiveness. Our data shows that Value Creation Projects create a minimum payback ranging from $1 million to $100 million within a period of less than 12 months.

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Growth Accelerator Program

Growth Accelerator Programs are a proven method to transform a portfolio of B2B relationships from good to great. Over a period of 10-12 weeks, we provide you with a series of virtual or face-to-face meetings, coupled with practical application of learnings in the field and remote coaching by our industry experts. At the end of a Growth Accelerator Program, the results are typically presented to senior management or shared during an internal business meeting.

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Insead BBR Consortium 2025

The Breakthrough Business Relationships (BBR) Consortium organized with INSEAD helps companies create future-proof customer portfolios. Participants will become part of a global B2B network of leading companies developing breakthrough cases in high-value customer-supplier relationships. Only a limited number of companies are asked to participate in this invitation-only initiative.

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Training & Coaching

Triple Fit Introduction

A 4-hour introduction to the Triple Fit methodology delivered virtually in 4 one-hour sessions to help you understand the Triple Fit Canvas framework and process, define the characteristics of Level-5 relationships and conduct your first relationship maturity check. 

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Onboarding the Triple Fit Process

A deep-dive into the Triple Fit methodology with focus on application to your own case. You will perform a deep-dive “why-what-how?” analysis, develop game-changer strategies for your case and craft a compelling Triple Fit Canvas “story” for stakeholders.

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Triple Fit Masterclass

Triple Fit Masterclasses are designed for sales and procurement professionals who want to take business relationships to the next level of excellence. Three intense half-day sessions packed with highly interactive learning, practice, and sharing sessions provide a unique learning experience. Participants will leave the Masterclass fully equipped with a three-year roadmap on transforming their role to a trusted advisor for a relationship of their choice. We will deliver the Triple Fit Masterclasses entirely virtually or as an in-person experience based on your preferences. 

Who can benefit from this?

B2B sales and procurement professionals across industries.

What​ does it include?

Introduction to the Triple Fit concept and framework, relationship maturity check, game-changer strategies, joint planning sessions, executive sponsor pitch.

What are the benefits?

1. Understand and apply the Triple Fit Strategy Canvas (TFC) framework
2. Identify mission-critical value drivers of strategic relationships
3. Develop 3-year roadmaps to build future-proof relationships

How does it take place?

Currently, only virtual sessions are possible

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Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer Program

Intro Text

Who can participate?

Anyone who coaches B2B teams in large organizations to create value for and with customers and suppliers, such as sales and procurement team leaders, HR, and business development professionals across industries.

What can you expect?

Training & teaching tools, exercise templates, workshop guidelines, value creation clinics, coaching, and teaching tips & tricks, best practice examples, in-depth work on own real-life case, 1-on-1 time with Prof. Christoph Senn, inventor of the Triple Fit method.

What are the your benefits?

1. Explain the Triple Fit Canvas origins, framework & process by heart.
2. Teach the TFC with own stories and examples to others.
3. Prepare TFC rollout plans for own organizations and clients.

How does it take place?

Currently, we plan to deliver this program in-person.

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Tools & Resoures

Create value beyond expectations

The Digital Triple Fit Platform

The Digital Triple Fit Platform is a tool that elevates your business relationships to a new level.

Thanks to the intuitive solution, it is easy for you to map the status quo and then take your relationship with a business partner to a new level.

Five steps that will help you build better business relationships

The Relationship Maturity Check.
Identify Areas for Improvement
Develop workable solutions
Differentiate Between Long- and Short-Term Actions
Persuade Your Stakeholders

The Relationship Maturity Check.

To get started, rate the accuracy of each of the 10 statements in the exhibit “How Close Are You to Your Customer?” on a scale from 1 to 5 (ranging from “disagree completely” to “agree completely”) from the perspective of a given customer. The statements focus on how well your company collaborates and communicates with that customer.

Identify Areas for Improvement

You must identify why you succeed or struggle in particular areas. Asking why you are in this position can help clarify the strengths that led to a high rating or the weaknesses that prevented one. In areas where you received unsatisfactory scores, ask why up to five times, until the root cause is properly defined, enlisting your customer’s help in answering.

Develop workable solutions

The results of step 2 are the basis for developing ideas to boost value and mitigate risk. Asking what needs to be done to improve (or maintain) the situation is a simple but powerful way of looking at your full range of options.

Differentiate Between Long- and Short-Term Actions

Step 4 divides value creation proposals into quick-win actions for 90-day projects and longer-term initiatives that will last up to three years. To garner stakeholder support, use the motto “Show me the money” to describe exactly how each action will be executed and deliver value.

Persuade Your Stakeholders

In the fifth and final step, your consolidated triple-fit findings must be summarized in a central message and pitched to stakeholders. Product-minded salespeople have difficulty shifting to big-picture thinking and collaborative value creation. You must persuade them that the process is in their short- and long-term interests.

Want to learn more?

Visit one of our events or use our DTFC Platform to apply the Triple Fit Methodology and further optimize your customer relationships.

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The tool that combines it all
The Digital Triple Fit Platform

The digital Triple Fit Platform gives you access to all your features from anywhere and at any time. 
Access via the browser makes the solution accessible for all devices and lets you share your progress and results with all stakeholders

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 Two offers 

Digital Triple Fit Canvas

$ 25.00 / month

billed annually

  • Ideal for Sales and Procurement Professionals, Enterpreneurs and Business Developers
  • Unlimited Canvases
  • Benchmark Analytics
  • Tailored Growth Strategies
  • Implementation Resources

Digital Triple Fit Canvas

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We're happy to help you finding a tailored solution.

  • Ideal for local Sales and Procurement Teams, global Enterprise Sales and Corporate Planning Units
  •  Unlimited Canvases
  •  Customized Training & Coaching
  • Benchmark Analytics
  • Tailored Growth Strategies
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Implementation Resources
  • Best Practice Forum

"When I saw the Triple Fit Canvas for the very first time, I was blown away. It is an excellent tool to create future-proof relationships. We will use this method all across our company."

John DOE • CEO of MyCompany

"The Triple Fit Canvas is a powerful way to assess B2B relationships and fast-track my growth plan. I can now do my account planning in one day where I before needed five days..."

John DOE • CEO of MyCompany

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