Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer Program 

The three-day Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer program is a unique chance to gain the knowledge and expertise to become a stellar in-house Triple Fit Coach.

3 days
of highly interactive training
3 year
roadmap for your business relationships
You will be able to coach B2B sales or procurement teams in large organizations to establish a true strategic dialogue with their counterparts, create a future-proof portfolio of strategic business relationships in your company and learn how to drive profitable growth by implementing collaborative customer-supplier relationships.

Who can benefit from this?

Anyone who coaches B2B teams in large organizations to create value for and with customers and suppliers, such as sales and procurement team leaders, HR, and business development professionals across industries.

What​ does it

Training & teaching tools, exercise templates, workshop guidelines, value creation clinics, coaching, and teaching tips & tricks, best practice examples, in-depth work on own real-life case, 1-on-1 time with Prof. Christoph Senn, inventor of the Triple Fit method.

What are the benefits?

1. Explain the Triple Fit Canvas origins, framework & process by heart.
2. Teach the TFC with own stories and examples to others.
3. Prepare TFC rollout plans for own organizations and clients.

Benefit from more than 25 years of experience.

We at Valuecreator are a research-based business advisory firm helping hundreds of companies build future-proof business relationships. Our core methodology, the Triple Fit Canvas, is a scientifically proven framework based on decades of research and practice and has been recently published about in Harvard Business Review.
Our mission is to help organisations creating future-proof business relationships, thereby advancing the practice of value creation across the globe. We aim to empower sales professionals and business executives to be the drivers of their B2B growth journey with their customers.

1-on-1 time with Prof. Christoph Senn, the inventor of the Triple Fit

  Speakers from different industries

Value creation clinics to develop solutions to your challenges

Access to our teaching tips & tricks and best practice collection

In-depth case study work to train your facilitation skills

Workshop and program outlines, how to manage different setups 

What attendees say about the program

"Outstanding content, great venue and great speakers. Great dynamic during the three days with good balance between theory and practice. Excellent insights!" 

"The Triple Fit Train-The-Trainer Program is a journey to account management mastery!"

"A program that goes beyond sales and will help all functions in an organization to build future proof portfolio and equips you with everything you need to make your organization embrace create high value business relationships."

The Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer Program is a deep-dive into the Triple Fit Canvas methodology, which has created results for hundreds of sales leaders and has been recently published about in the Harvard Business Review (May-June 2022 edition).

Let's move from Value Selling to Value Creation
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