Triple Fit Masterclass

Triple Fit Masterclasses are designed for sales and procurement professionals who want to take business relationships to the next level of excellence. Three intense half-day sessions packed with highly interactive learning, practice, and sharing sessions provide a unique learning experience. 

Participants will leave the Masterclass fully equipped with a three-year roadmap on transforming their role to a trusted advisor for a relationship of their choice. We will deliver the Triple Fit Masterclasses entirely virtually or as an in-person experience based on your preferences.  


1.5 days
of highly interactive sessions
3 year
roadmap for your business relationships


Who can benefit from this?

B2B sales and procurement professionals across industries who want to take their business relationships to a whole new level and are motivated to achieve their objectives using the Triple Fit methodology.

What​ does it include?

Introduction to the Triple Fit concept and framework, relationship maturity check, game-changer strategies, joint planning sessions, executive sponsor pitch.

What are the benefits?

1. Understand and apply the Triple Fit Strategy Canvas (TFC) framework
2. Identify mission-critical value drivers of strategic relationships
3. Develop 3-year roadmaps to build future-proof relationships 

Benefit from more than 25 years of experience.

We at Valuecreator are a research-based business advisory firm helping hundreds of companies build future-proof business relationships. Our core methodology, the Triple Fit Canvas, is a scientifically proven framework based on decades of research and practice and has been recently published about in Harvard Business Review.
Our mission is to help organisations creating future-proof business relationships, thereby advancing the practice of value creation across the globe. We aim to empower sales professionals and business executives to be the drivers of their B2B growth journey with their customers.

The Triple Fit Masterclass lays the foundation for successful business relationships. We show you how you can apply the methodology to achieve your goals in the long term.
Triple Fit is not rocket science, but applying it correctly is an elementary component of success.   In three fruitful sessions, we will teach you the skills you need to grow your business many times over - together with your stakeholders.

Let's move from Value Selling to Value Creation
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