Over the past twenty years, we have advised hundreds of companies and trained thousands of B2B professionals on how to design, maintain, and innovate high-value relationships.

Individuals and small teams can learn the Valuecreator method best in the inspiring setting of one of our open programs, delivered by our Valuecreator Academy.

Larger companies often start with custom-made in-house workshops or training before proceeding with a broader action-learning approach specifically designed for their needs.


Typically, our clients choose our custom training services to achieve strategic objectives or kick-start a transformational initiative in-house. By applying the Triple Fit method, they aim to create a higher financial performance for the involved parties (i.e., sales, procurement, innovation, or management) and cross-check their overall strategy and achieve breakthrough results.

Combined with senior management reviews, our in-house services offer a cost-effective way to identify new sources of profitable growth and establish a strategic dialogue with senior leaders internally. Additionally, our services prepare your teams for a strategic conversation with external counterparts (i.e. key customers or key suppliers) on shaping the future together.

Before we accept a mandate, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your business objectives and propose a range of realistic options corresponding to your budget. Depending on the geographical scope and timeline of the engagement, we will either act as external advisors and trainers or agree with you on a combined internal trainer and external advisor and coaching approach.

All of our consultants, trainers, and coaches had successful careers in global companies before joining Valuecreator. Since more than 80 percent of our business comes from repeat clients, we are confident that you will also find great value in our services. We would also be happy to provide specific references upon your request.

Triple Fit Essentials Sessions

Triple Fit Essentials sessions are an effective and efficient way to apply the Triple Fit process in a learning-by-doing setting. Facilitated live online or at a location of your choice, we help you develop an in-depth understanding of current and future value drivers of selected business relationships and create a one-page business roadmap with concrete actions for maximum impact. The typical duration of a Triple Fit Essentials session is 2-3 hours.

Value Creation Workshops

Value Cration workshops extend the acquired Triple Fit method and tool knowledge and allow participants to take a deep dive into customer, supplier, or internal business relationships. The goal is to create mutually agreed business roadmaps for the future, thus serving as the basis of the next three-year strategy planning. The typical duration of a Value Creation workshop is 1-2 days.

Triple Fit Masterclass

Triple Fit Masterclasses are designed for sales and procurement professionals who want to take business relationships to the next level of excellence. Three intense half-day sessions packed with highly interactive learning, practice, and sharing sessions provide a unique learning experience. Participants will leave the Masterclass fully equipped with a three-year roadmap on transforming their role to a trusted advisor for a relationship of their choice. We will deliver the Triple Fit Masterclasses entirely virtually or as an in-person experience based on your preferences.

Growth Accelerator Programs

Growth Accelerator Programs are a proven method to transform a portfolio of B2B relationships from good to great. Over a period of 10-12 weeks, we provide you with a series of virtual or face-to-face meetings, coupled with practical application of learnings in the field and remote coaching by our industry experts. At the end of a Growth Accelerator Program, the results are typically presented to senior management or shared during an internal business meeting.

Future Winners Initiatives

Future Winners Initiatives provide organizations with the opportunity to transform the way they collaborate with key customers or suppliers. Building on a sequence of Growth Accelerator Program cycles, we help you accelerating performance in B2B relationships over a period of 12-18 months. Consequently, the results of a Future Winners Initiative will also enable you to cross-check your corporate strategy and better allocate resources for faster impact.

Triple Fit Coaching

Coaching has always been an integral part of our work. To help you keep the momentum, we offer three types of coaching:
1. For frontline sales and procurement professionals – how to create breakthroughs via one-page business roadmaps and generate hands-on quick wins?
2. For sales and procurement leaders – how to manage the Triple Fit process and create future-proof relationship portfolios for the organization?
3. For executives – how to invest resources in the most effective and efficient way and how to leverage Triple Fit data for strategic planning?

Triple Fit Relationship Check

Triple Fit Relationship Checks are a perfect opportunity to assess the status of a particular relationship from an expert point of view. With our proven health check diagnostic, we provide you first with a quick scan of the relationship. Second, we perform a deep-dive assessment of the value drivers from different stakeholder perspectives. And third, we come up with a set of game-changer recommendations ready for immediate implementation. If required, we will also facilitate follow-up discussions between core teams from both sides.

Triple Fit Portfolio Check

Triple Fit Portfolio Checks leverage existing Triple Fit relationship data in a real-time manner. Instead of conducting annual, high-level performance reviews of customer or supplier portfolios, we help you create your ongoing reality check for a portfolio of selected business relationships. With the analytics features of the Executive edition of our Triple Fit software, you will have complete transparency of how “healthy” your relationship portfolio is and which relationships may need extensive coaching to grow further or stay on track. The Triple Fit Portfolio Check is also beneficial for M&A scenarios as it provides a hard look at the whole reality of customer and supplier relationships beyond whitewashed explanations.

Solid and resilient business-to-business (B2B) relationships are a core asset for any company. But today’s hyper-competitive world creates a myriad of obstacles, leading to dysfunctional relationships and millions of dollars of damage. Our open programs will help you to develop high-value business relationships and achieve relationship breakthroughs instead of breakdowns. Instead of using standard case studies, we coach participants in building and maintaining high-value business relationships for existing or new real-life scenarios. We are also proud to see the Triple Fit Canvas taught at a growing number of world-class Universities, such as Columbia Business School, New York, Cranfield, UK, INSEAD, France, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and St.Gallen, Switzerland.
Triple Fit Virtual Masterclass

B2B sales and procurement professionals across industries.

Introduction to the Triple Fit concept and framework, relationship maturity check, game-changer strategies, joint planning sessions, executive sponsor pitch.

1. Understand and apply the Triple Fit Strategy Canvas (TFC) framework
2. Identify mission-critical value drivers of strategic relationships
3. Develop 3-year roadmaps to build future-proof relationships

Delivery mode:
Currently, only virtual sessions are possible.

The next virtual Masterclasses are scheduled for March 7-9, 2023, respectively October 10-12, 2023.

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Triple Fit Train-the-Trainer Program

Anyone who coaches B2B teams in large organizations to create value for and with customers and suppliers, such as sales and procurement team leaders, HR, and business development professionals across industries.

Training & teaching tools, exercise templates, workshop guidelines, value creation clinics, coaching, and teaching tips & tricks, best practice examples, in-depth work on own real-life case, 1-on-1 time with Prof. Christoph Senn, inventor of the Triple Fit method.

1. Explain the Triple Fit Canvas origins, framework & process by heart.
2. Teach the TFC with own stories and examples to others.
3. Prepare TFC rollout plans for own organizations and clients.

Delivery mode:
Currently, we plan to deliver this program in-person.

The next session is scheduled for September 12-14, 2023.

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Triple Fit Live Webinars

First-time and advanced Triple Fit users, educators, and consultants who want to learn more about how to leverage the Digital Triple Fit platform and use it for their own business.

How to get started with the Digital Triple Fit, how to develop winning stories, how to present to stakeholders, how to leverage Triple Fit data.

1. Learn tips & tricks from seasoned Triple Fit practitioners.
2. Ask questions to expert Triple Fit coaches.
3. Apply insights to own practice.

The next webinars are planned for summer and fall 2023. Contact us to get notified in due time!

University Education Programs

Currently, the Triple Fit method and its related tools are taught at the following world-class schools:

Cranfield, UK
Columbia Business School, USA
INSEAD, France
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
St.Gallen, Switzerland

Courses are offered at MBA, EMBA, and Executive Education levels.

For more information about the specific offerings, please get in touch with us!

Delivery dates depend on the schools' semester and executive education program schedules.